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Beautiful and Powerful - 11 Legendary Empresses in Chinese History

2013-01-11 13:45

It is the article about 11 legendary Empresses who were full of power and beauty in Chinese history.

Yangshao Culture

2013-01-09 11:19

The Yangshao culture (Chinese: 仰韶文化; pinyin: Yǎngsháo wénhuà) was a Neolithic culture that existed extensively along the central Yellow River in China.

Neolithic China (5000 BC - 2000 BC)

2013-01-09 11:05

The term Neolithic (新石器时代) is applied in China to the last period of a long prehistory.

The Tripartite Confrontation of the Three Kingdoms

2013-01-08 15:19

The Tripartite confrontation of the Three Kingdoms is a period in the history of China, that is, the Three Kingdoms Period.

Abolishing the Chancellery of China - A Reform of Administrative System by Zhu Yuanzhang

2013-01-08 14:53

Under the reign of Zhu Yuanzhang,Prime Minister Hu Weiyong arrogated all authority to himself and accepted bribes, which stirred the wrath of other officers and the people.

Shaolin KongFu

2013-01-04 15:52

Shaolin Kung Fu, only one of several types of Chinese Kung Fu, or "hard-won achievement" (kung fu) "martial arts" (wushu), is, in turn, only one among many such martial arts that claim association with Shaolin Temple.


2013-01-04 15:31

Chinese Kung Fu is a large system of theory and practice. It combines techniques of self-defense and health-keeping

The Arts in China

2013-01-04 15:18

Art is an important part of Chinese heritage, culture and history.The art from China includes performing arts, sculpture, paintings and even cave drawings.

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