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Beijing to open second airport in 2018

2013-01-29 17:42

Beijing will begin building its second airport next year to ease the burden of the current Capital International Airport, the second busiest airport in the world.

Palace Museum to launch online ticket bookings

2013-01-29 17:33

The Palace Museum in Beijing will introduce online ticket bookings for group visitors in peak seasons.

China-Russia women’s events launched in Moscow

2013-01-29 17:48

A chinese women delegation of over 80 people attended the Seventh China-Russia Women’s Culture Week and the Fifth China-Russia Women’s Forum in Moscow.

Palace Museum to close Monday afternoons

2013-01-29 17:46

The Palace Museum in Beijing is closing on Monday afternoons during the off-season.

Grain finds in Yunnan may shed light on a Bronze Age civilisation

2013-01-29 17:45

Wheat and millet dug up by archaeologists in Yunnan hint at previously unknown migrations and may shed light on a mysterious civilisation.

Cloisonne artworks exhibited in HK

2013-01-29 12:58

An exhibit of Zhang Tonglu's cloisonne art works was held in Hong Kong, showing 22 pieces of cloisonne works.

Shenyu Art Treasures showcased in Beijing

2013-01-29 11:29

Shenyu Art Treasures Exhibit is held in Beijing starting January 8.

Clay sculptures to embrace "Year of the Snake"

2013-01-09 10:23

Artists make the traditional Chinese clay sculptures to embrace "Year of the Snake".

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