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NE China theme park to carve world of ice, snow

Updated: 2012-12-17 10:43

A theme park in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province started to collect ice and snow on Sunday for the creation of ice and snow sculptures.

Photo taken on Dec.15 in the theme park in Harbin. The great city was totally made up with pieces of ice from Songhua River.


Harbin Ice and Snow World, located in the provincial capital of Harbin, will cover 600,000 square meters, according to the park owner Modern Group. It was firstly launched in 1999 by Harbin government for the new century celemony attracting more than hundred and thousand of people at domestic and abroad. After years of developing, the park has been the most biggest ice theme park in the world, which is much famous for its colorful and huge ice-buildings divided into several main parts including charming Harbin, magic Dysney and ice-lignts exhibition and the like. Now, Harbin Ice and Snow World is one of the most popular touring place in the cold winter, especially for the southern people who hardly experiece the big ice and heavy snow.

A total of 180,000 cubic meters of ice and 150,000 cubic meters of snow will be used for the carving of sculptures this year, the group said.

A 48-meter high "ice palace", carved with over 20,000 cubic meters of ice, will become the landmark artwork of the park.

The theme park is scheduled to open to the public on Dec. 24.

The theme park, along with a snow expo and an ice lantern show, will herald the opening of the 29th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival on Jan. 5, 2013.




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