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Chinese cooking art

Updated: 2012-08-30 16:55

Chinese cooking embodies the dining culture tradition of Chinese nation. Compared with the cooking of all other nations in the world, it has many distinctive features.


Firstly, it has varied flavor. Since our country has a vast territory and abundant resources with differences in climate, products, customs and habits in all parts, it has developed many flavors in diet over a long period of time. There has been the saying of rice in the south and noodles in the north in our country all the time. The flavor is divided into sweetness in the south, saltiness in the north, sourness in the east and hotness in the west, which can mainly be reduced to the four flavors of Bashu (Sichun), Qilu (Shandong), Huaiyang (Jiangsu) and Yuemin (Guangdong and Fujian).


Secondly, there are differences in four seasons. With four seasons in a year, people take food according the seasons, which is another feature of Chinese cooking. Since antiquity, our country has always seasoned and matched food with the variation of seasons. The flavor is pure and thick in winter while light and cool in summer. The food are mostly braised, stewed, simmered in winter and cold and dressed with sauce and frozen in summer.

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