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Children Enjoy Charity Musical at NCPA

Updated: 2012-03-22 17:32

Audience of migrant workers' children, Yushu earthquake orphans and children suffering from heart disease have been enjoying a special show at Beijing's National Center for the Performing Arts. All proceeds from the charity musical will go towards funding remote schools in the countryside.


Around 2,000 children sat down to watch the musical "Sister Moon and Dulu Didu Farm", which tells the story of Sister Moon helping animals to fulfil their dream.

Many seemed inspired by what they saw.

An audience member said, "Everyone has a dream, and you should work really hard to make your dream come true."

"Sister Moon" is played by the actual CCTV host Sister Moon.

She says the musical was inspired by Wu Houpu, a child suffering from leukemia. In 2007, she learnt that Houpu was one of her biggest fans, and wanted to meet her very much.

So she went to see him in hospital.

Sister Moon, CCTV host, said, "I told him to be strong and I will make a musical about dreams for children like him."

Unfortunately, the disease took Houpu's life about six months later.

Now, Sister Moon has kept her promise, staging the musical with the help of famous writer Zheng Yuanjie and the China Children's Art Theater.

All the money raised from the musical will go to remote countryside schools, to help students and children gain a proper education.

Editor: Shi Liwei


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