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First Beijing Int’l Print Expo to Be Open at 798 Art Zone

Updated: 2011-10-27 13:47

A visitor observes the piece Lin Jian, meaning the natural view in the forest, by Li Qun, a representative print artist from China, during the print expo preview on Oct 26 at the 798 art zone. [Photo/ Lin]

The first Beijing International Print Expo is to be held at the 798 art zone from November 6 to 13 as a part of the China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo annually organized by the Chinese government. This event will bring together 65 foreign artists and 115 Chinese artists to exhibit their art work and to discuss the future development of Chinese print art. Chinese senior print artists’ pieces, such as Lin Jian – meaning the natural view in the forest – by Li Qun and pieces from artists specializing in other areas will be included.

According to Li Dajun, the secretary-general of the expo, the theme of the event is to popularize print art to the public and to boost it into the global arena.

Many interactive activities will be included for visitors. The public can try to produce prints on the spot while art masters creating pieces. Various free lectures will also be held in effort to give the public easy access to the art.

During the event, Chinese cultural officials, art experts and artists are invited to discuss topics including historic events in Chinese print art history, current problems and opportunities of print art development.

Statistics from auction giants show, among the thriving Chinese art sales in the world, prints deals have risen quickly in recent years.

The expo is part of China’s efforts to reform its cultural system to better enrich peoples’ spiritual life and to promote the advancement of the Chinese cultural industry at home and abroad.

By Dong Lin


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