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1st China-Australia International Film Festival opens in Brisbane

2014-11-17 09:31:15



Photo taken on Nov. 14, 2014 shows a light show in Brisbane, Australia. The first China-Australia International Film Festival is now underway in the city. [Photo: Xinhua/Jin Linpeng]

The first China-Australia International Film Festival is now underway in Brisbane, Australia.

Ten productions from both countries will be shown during the six-day event.

Renowned movie stars and directors have been invited as judges for the film competition. A "Golden Wattle Award" ceremony will also be held.

Des Power is an Australian film producer.

"It's more than just a festival. I think it's a very strong, very powerful opportunity for the people of China to show us through their film, something about their culture, tell us their stories, and for us, in the Western world particularly, to develop a great understanding of China. We know a lot about America, we know a lot about Europe, but we are yet to learn about describable country China."

Yin Li is a Chinese film director, and a judge at the festival.

"In the past, we described movies as the 'ambassadors in the box'. Now, we conduct cultural exchanges through film festivals--in Europe, America and Asia--but it is only a temporary transit form at present. The future will be much better when our films can be released abroad through commercial channels, directly into foreign commercial theaters."

The festival is being held alongside the G20 Summit, also being held in Brisbane.

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