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U.S.-China Film Summit to open

2014-10-29 13:34:59



2013 U.S.-China Film Summit and Gala

The fifth U.S.-China Film Summit will kick off on Nov. 5.

In addition to film stars and management leaders of film corporations, business tycoons like Guo Guangchang and Xiong Xiaoge are also included on the guest list at the summit. It means that the alliance of Hollywood and the Chinese film industry will be a hotspot issue not only in filmdom but in the field of investment.

The Chinese internet giants BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) will also send their senior leaders to the summit, including Gong Yu, president of Baidu iQiyi Film, Liu Chunning, president of Alibaba Yulebao (entertainment treasure), and Sun Zhonghuai, vice president of Tencent Video. With the BAT leaders showing up together, the summit has attracted more eyeballs looking forward to the battle between BAT and Hollywood.

The U.S. side also has a strong line-up, including Jeff Robinov, former CEO of Warner Brothers and founder of Studio 8, the chief content officer of Netflix, chief operation officer of Lions Gate Entertainment, deputy Secretary of State, as well as Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street investors.

These major figures from political, commercial and arts circles will have discussions on trending topics like big data, new media, fans economy, Sino-US co-production of films and TV dramas, and Chinese investment in Hollywood. The 5-year-old U.S.-China Film Summit, hosted by the Asia Society, aims to promote Sino-US cooperation in the film industry and enhance their cultural communication with films as the focus. And as the Chinese film and entertainment industry developed in the last three years, the summit has raised its standards with an increasingly higher level of guests invited and increasingly wider range of topics discussed.

Compared with the last two years, China has made more substantial progress in its cooperation with Hollywood this year. This will also be the highlight of the fifth summit, with people’s expectations of more Chinese investment in Hollywood and more benefits for the Chinese audience from the Sino-US cooperation.

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