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Visiting program on the translation of contemporary Chinese works opens

2014-09-12 13:45:28



The group photo of all the participants.

Professor Luo Hui, dean of Confucius Institute in Victoria University of Wellington and young sinologist, said in the interview that, it was of great importance to pay more attention to those excellent foreign writers who composed their works in Chinese. Given that Taiwan took a few steps ahead of Mainland China in the research of this field, the two sides across the Strait need to promote the establishment of exchange mechanism and boosting the integration of literary works from both sides.

In the following nine days, some well-known scholars and translators from Chinese mainland would hold lectures, having face-to-face exchanges and discussions on special topics with foreign sinologists. China Writers Publishing House would also hold project negotiating and project matching with young sinologists, helping them to know about China in a more objective and profound way, and deepening their understanding and recognition of Chinese culture and developmental path.

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