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The Palace Museum to add 800 chairs in Sept

2014-08-07 10:32:33



The Palace Museum. [Photo/Xinhua]

The Palace Museum is planning to add 800 ladder back chairs and 500 navigation marks to further upgrade its hospitality service and improve visitors' experience, according to Beijing Daily.

"When I walked around the museum, I often heard tourists complaining that the museum was too big and there were few places they could stop for a rest," the newspaper quoted Shan Jixiang, director to the Palace Museum, as saying.

The 800 chairs are expected to be put in use in September, and the reddish violet color will match well with the color of the walls in the museum.

Compared with a regular ladder back chair, the new chairs at the museum will be divided by armrests into three seats, to prevent people from sleeping.

Another 500 bilingual navigation marks will also be unveiled next month, and the color of each mark will be decided by the architecture nearby, but mainly red and yellow.

Due to an increasing number of tourists, the museum has been striving to upgrade its facilities and services in recent years. This has included adjusting exhibition layouts, widening the opening area, improving service infrastructure and channeling the overflow of visitors.

Director Shan said that their focus next year would be on to ensure that all the red walls in the museum match in color.

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