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Heihe to host 5th Sino-Russian cultural exchange

2014-07-24 11:26:18

( By Zhang Dongpu


The 5th Sino-Russia cultural exchange event will commence on July 27 and run through July 31, 2014 in Heihe, China and Blagoveshchensk, Russia. This event will extend to Daqing, China for the first time, as well as Konstatinovsky and Shimanovsk in Amurskaya Oblast, Russia.

The cultural exchange event is co-sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Heilongjiang provincial government and the government of Amur Oblast. It will include dozens of activities, in mainly six sectors: high-level exchanges, exhibitions and fairs, entertainment performances, public and sports culture session, and cultural tourism.

Compared with the previous events, this one will offer three highlights. First, the exchange has expanded. China and Russia will both send delegations to participate in the activities, such as provincial government talks, theatrical performances and cultural seminars. Meanwhile, China and Russia will hold high-level cultural forums. Second, more activities have been planned for this year’s event compared with the past events. The two countries will invite famous performing groups to perform in both Heihe and Blagoveshchensk. There will be many exhibitions and fairs such as Russian oil paintings exhibitions, a North Korean painting exhibition, and a handcraft fair. The first fine stone fair will be held in Heihe and a Chinese handcrafts exhibition and Chinese engraving event will be held in Blagoveshchensk. Thirdly, public participation is of great importance and during the event there will be a large open-air theatrical performance, bonfires, and sports competitions.

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