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Assessing the fabric of a 'new Silk Road'

2014-06-03 09:46:42

(China Daily)


"Turkmenistan hopes to increase cooperation with China and other countries in a number of fields, such as minerals, jewelry, energy and fruit," said Murat Annamammedov, a delegate from the Turkmenistan Federation of Entrepreneurs.

What is now Uzbekistan was one of the most important regions along the ancient route, and boosting the Silk Road Economic Belt is in the interests of modern-day Uzbekistan. "We completely support activities that promote trade and business. China is an important partner for us, and we welcome China to join an exposition that will be held in Uzbekistan in the near future," said Mamanov Fayzulla Bo'riyevich, chairman of the Tashkent Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

However, Zohidov Nizomidin, deputy minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, pointed out that the establishment and survival of the "new Silk Road" will require the combined efforts of all the countries involved to make full use of new technology. It will also require a huge amount of investment, both in terms of money and time.


"More importantly, we must trust each other completely, so the development can be realized through mutually beneficial cooperation. The Asia Cooperation Dialogue is a good platform and plays a very important role in promoting various kinds of cooperation," Nizomidin said.

Zhang Junkuo, deputy director general of the Development and Research Center of the State Council, pointed out that the planning process for the new route will need to be seen as a long-term project, and one that will require deep and extensive research to ensure that the needs of all the different regions and countries will be recognized.

"The planning must be scientific and practical, and should give priority to projects upon which all the countries have reached a consensus. The belt will be the focus of the interests of a number of countries, therefore, all the efforts must be undertaken on a mutually beneficial basis," said Zhang. "We will need to reduce any sources of business conflict among the different countries, and establish a high-level mechanism to resolve them as quickly as possible."

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