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The first "Sino-Arab Cultural Tour of Silk Road" event

The first "Sino-Arab Cultural Tour of Silk Road" campaign was officially launched in May 2013.

It is China’s largest event of cultural exchange with Arab countries since the founding of the new China. From 2013 onwards, it will be held annually in the Arab League member states.


The current "Sino-Arab Cultural Tour of Silk Road" is rich in content, diverse in form, where cultural resources will be integrated such as literary arts, cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage, journalism, publishing, radio, television, sports, martial arts, religion, and social sciences. It includes a variety of activities such as performances, exhibitions, film and television screenings, book exhibitions, seminars, and forum..

The event involved dozens of cities from 22 Arab League countries, with nearly one hundred groups and organizations in China and one thousand employees.



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