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Cai Wu: National Endowment for the Arts should spend wisely

2014-05-22 13:17:46



December 30, 2013, the National Endowment for the Arts was established in China caused widespread concern in the art world. Who can declare? How to declare? Fund primarily funded what areas? April 30, the Ministry of Culture official release National Arts Fund Prospectus and four Projects Reporting Guidelines, the China Culture Daily newspaper on a number of issues of public concern interviewed Minister of Culture Cai Wu, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.

Reporter: National Endowment for the Arts is a product of cultural reform, reform the interests adjustments, then, who is the direct beneficiaries of the National Endowment for the Arts?

Cai Wu: A good system is called a good, is under the protection of a fair and impartial premise, allowing the body to benefit as much as possible, which is the direction of reform can be said of all the National Endowment for the Arts is the arts as a whole. benefit, so that the majority of people benefit, and those truly responsible, artistic level of institutions and individuals, must be the beneficiaries.

National Endowment for the Arts is a product of the times, a product of reform, therefore, it's guiding ideology and principles must reflect the needs of the times, adapt to change. Ownership for different art institutions should adhere to equal opportunity, equal treatment, the right direction for the development of The weak art, to support, to have the potential for innovation and the ability of the individual as the subject of art and art studio, to be supported, especially for young artistic talent, original art project, the emerging disciplines of the arts, and more To be closely watched. Meanwhile, as a national fund, we must adhere to high standards, high-level, strict requirements, to the starting point of fairness, equal opportunities, and to open the door too big but the threshold is higher, so as to truly serve as a model to guide the action, launched More famous masterpieces. Fund's work should be forward-looking and have a long-term perspective, to find talent, pay attention to the not-so-famous but rich in talent, energy and commitment, painstaking creative, hardworking artists, as they to display their artistic talent, artistic vision to provide more opportunities to create better conditions.

Reporter: How to ensure the impartiality of the expert review?

Cai Wu: We will be ensured by the design of the system expert review of fair, equitable initial evaluation to take online communication evaluation form, geographical avoidance, two-way anonymous request for review we also designed for initial evaluation, re-evaluation of experts to supervise the procedure. by the information network platform automatically give more objective 'outliers' evaluation, to provide a reference library for the dynamic management experts to ensure scientific and standardized assessment of funded activities, fair and impartial.

In addition, the operation of the Fund placed under public scrutiny, expanding social participation, but also help to enhance the credibility of the government administration and authority.

Reporter: What are the four principles of drafting guidelines to follow when reporting is?

Cai Wu: Reporting guidelines are widely consulted extensively learn all aspects on the basis of recommendations drafted, brought together the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance, the wisdom, the GEF Council, fund management center, as well as cultural and artistic circles who is everyone in-depth the implementation of a comprehensive study on deepening the reform of the central general requirements, working closely with the current reality of arts and culture, the arts follow the law seriously explore 'the Fund' system management features and requirements, and build a system of governance and enhance the artistic ability of the modern art of governance innovative attempt make.

In the creative arts, the current design of the two reporting guidelines, namely 2014 Year Stage Artistic Projects Funded Reporting Guidelines  and2014 Annual Fine arts, Calligraphy, Photography, Creative Talents Funded Project Reporting Guidelines.  Exchanges to promote the dissemination , currently has a guide that 2014 Year-funded Projects to Promote the Spread of Exchange Reporting Guidelines.  In personnel training, there is also a guide that 2014 Annual Personnel Training Funded Project Reporting Guidelines.

Currently these four guidelines, is funded in accordance with the principle of 'easy things first, step by step, gradually pushed' the Fund, as the initial operation of the project funds. The Constitution and Project Funding Requirements Management Approach provide scope and disciplines of the arts, there are some categories, such as art design and animation, digital art and other emerging arts, foreign-funded projects, the fund honors and decorations and other incentives. require further research fund management consulting, designed to be gradually introduced.

Reporter: Funded all kinds of art it is the number of funded projects focus on how to consider how to reflect it?

Cai Wu: the whole development of the arts, the categories are many, the situation is very complicated at present, according to the four guidelines we launched, the creative arts, including drama, music, dance, opera, acrobatics, puppetry, shadow puppets, art. calligraphy, photography and other art forms, if the in-depth breakdown of nearly 80 small categories. types funded, way, carriers, there is a distinct characteristic, namely having reported that assessment, can project characteristics.

Currently we have three main funding formula that project funding, outstanding rewards, match funding. Funds are focused in three ways, mainly on the different categories to take a different funding. Example, a large theater, personal calligraphy art photography, personnel training etc. These apply to projects funded. small theater for outstanding awards. spread exchange promotion for match funding. direction of the Fund is to seek for the efforts of each art form to find a suitable way of funding.

Existing financial resources to support the project, the National Endowment for the Arts should avoid duplication of funding. Adhere to public welfare, to fully efficient allocation of resources through the dissemination of artistic exchange market promotion activities, the Fund does not intervene in order to avoid interference and distort market signals. Funds to strive to accurately determine funding priorities and links, and strive to limited funds spent wisely, spend the efficiency, the impact of flowers, play skillfully deflected the question of the role of continuous improvement to optimize development of the arts ecology.



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