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Senior leader stresses confidence in traditional culture

2014-05-21 13:51:05



A senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has urged cultural workers to be more confident about traditional culture while absorbing exotic cultures.

Liu Yunshan, a Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, made the remarks Monday during an inspection tour to Shaanxi Province, home to the Terracotta Warriors and Qinqiang opera.

"Traditional cultures nourished the spirit and soul of the Chinese nation, and whatever changes society goes through, we should never sever the bloodline and discard our roots," Liu said.

"We should treat traditional culture with pride and confidence. Keep the past, take in the foreign culture and eye the future," Liu said, urging focus on cultivating talent for cultural inheritance and boosting innovative development.

Liu urged media groups to keep close to the people, maintain sound public opinion and accelerate the fusion of traditional and new media.

In a discussion with local writers, artists and cultural business representatives, Liu urged them to prioritize social benefits and create more fine cultural fruit that can meet people's needs and promote virtues.

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