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Egyptian TV to air popular Chinese drama for first time

2013-12-26 14:06:18



Egyptian state television will air a popular Chinese soap opera for the first time in Egypt, according to Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Song Aiguo.

"Jin Tailang Happy Life is an important and popular Chinese TV drama and it will be aired on the Egyptian state TV for the first time," the ambassador continued, noting there would be a ceremony at the embassy on Thursday for the occasion.

Essam al-Amir, chairman of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union, told the press that "it is the first time that a Chinese soap opera will be dubbed in Arabic and broadcasted on the Egyptian TV through a media cooperation protocol between Egypt and China that will be signed soon."

The chairman added that the Chinese TV drama consists of 40 episodes, 45 minutes each, and that it won several prizes and received the most views in China in 2012.

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