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Things to do during Spring Festival in Beijing

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Stores and Markets

Xidan Shopping Center

Xidan is a major traditional commercial area in Beijing, China. It is located in the Xicheng District. The Xidan commercial district incorporates the Xidan Culture Square, North Xidan Street, as well as many supermarkets and department stores. The Xidan Culture Square is the largest venue for cultural events in downtown Beijing.


The Silk Street Market

The Silk Street Market in Beijing, which has long offered copies of international designer and branded goods, has unveiled its own brand-SILKSTREET-and warned that anyone who tries to counterfeit that brand will be held liable.

The Silk Street (Xiushui) market in eastern Beijing's Chaoyang District has become popular with overseas tourists, who have flocked there to buy counterfeit and knock-off luxury clothes and accessories since 1985.

In March 2005, the outdoor market moved to a multi-story building next to Xiushui Street for better management.


Tea Street

Maliandao Tea Street in Xuanwu District has everything a tea lover could dream of. With tea being one of the luxury products produced domestically, it is now going through a renaissance with the burgeoning Chinese upper class. Beijingers, who once snubbed southern Chinese teas, are quickly becoming connoisseurs and buying expensive, aged pu'er brick teas and the highly valued, exclusive qingming green teas. Seeing this booming market, top producers from all over the country send spokesmen to Maliandao to open teashops. So it's also the best place in Beijing to learn from regional experts about Chinese tea.


Sanlitun Village

The shopping center is designed not just for shopping, but also as a community, a place for art, culture and to spend leisure time.

Plenty of famous stores have opened here: Artini, Columbia, Lacoste, Levi's, Mizuno, Steve Madden, adidas' biggest flagship store, China's first direct-sales Apple store, Puma's biggest flagship store in Asia and Fossil. There are also quite a few children's wear and toys stores, where parents can find lovely toys and clothing for their kids.

More stores are scheduled to open in the area, including Folli Follie, Swatch, McDonald's and Hatsune. The shopping area is set to become another hot spot in Sanlitun.


Hong Zhi Teashop

Owner Hong Zhi from Anhui province has set up one of the most reputable and relaxing shops on Maliandao. His selection of Anhui teas is unbeatable and the employees here are knowledgeable on teas from all over China; a rarity as most people in the tea industry believe only tea from their home province is worth mentioning. Try their Monkey King green tea from Taiping Lake (Taiping houkui), or keemun black teas (qimen hongcha) all made in Hong Zhi's home province, some even made on his brother's farm.

Location: 10 Maliandao Chaye Jie, Xuanwu District

Opening hours: Daily 8am-10pm

Tel: 010-6342-4406

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