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Unique dances and customs to celebrate lunar new year

From the Di Yanko Dance in the north of China, to the Nuo dance and the unique custom of "Datongnian", it's interesting to see how the new year celebrations vary around the country.

Great times at Chengdu temple fair

Chengdu, in southwest China' Sichuan province, is the site of the 2014 Wuhou Temple Fair designed to celebrate the Chinese lunar Year of the Horse.

Beijing's Spring Festival activities

Beijing has its own traditions for celebrating the Spring Festival. Temple fairs, skiing, prayer ceremonies, exhibitions and fun fairs at parks...experience the traditional customs, unique beauty and irresistible glamour of the ancient city.

Beijing's temple fairs guide

Beijing's temple fairs, which originated during the Liao Dynasty (916-1125 AD), are a part of celebrating the arrival of spring, and so, have evolved into part of the Chinese Lunar New Year festivities.

29th Ditan Park temple fair kicks off in Beijing

People visit the temple fair in Ditan Park in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 30, 2014. The 29th Ditan Park temple fair open to the public on Thursday.

Ethnic groups give New Year's Hunan unique cultural flair

Home to several ethnic groups, Hunan province is rich in cultural relics, lending a festive character to its folk rituals for celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival.

Spring Festival in Australia

Like in many countries around the world, Chinese New Year celebrations in Australia include the following events and activities.

Yao people make ciba for Spring Festival

Yao people in Fuchuan have the tradition of making ciba for the Spring Festival and harvest celebration.

Spring Festival in Zhouzhuang

The beautiful and peaceful city of Zhouzhuang not only houses preserved residences and bridges from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, but also boasts ancient Spring Festival customs and culture.

Spring Festival in United States

Many individuals and communities, particularly Chinese communities, in the United States take part in the Chinese New Year celebrations, which can last for days.

Spring Festival in Hong Kong

There are some similarities between residents in mainland China and Hong Kong in their celebrations of Spring Festival.

Spring Festival in Beijing

Beijing is the place where the atmosphere of Spring Festival is the most intense. Streets and lanes here would be filled with festive atmosphere for two successive months from the twelfth month of the lunar year to the first month of the next.

Spring Festival in Shanghai

Spring Festival in Shanghai is not so traditional as that in Beijing. Spring Festival here has its own features.

Spring Festival in Guangdong

The last day of the lunar year is called "Suichu" and the evening of the day is called "New Year's Eve", or "Spending Spring Festival" as traditionally called by Chaoshan people.

Spring Festival in Shanxi

Festival falls on every month in Taiyuan region in ancient times. However, Spring Festival is the most solemn and jollified festival with the most intense flavors.

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