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When Mr.Sai Weng lost his horse

mandarin.about.com 2014-01-20 16:18:46

Chinese proverb: Sai Weng lost his horse

Once upon a time, there was an old man called Sai Weng living in a frontier fortress. One day, he lost his horse and his neighbor felt sorry for him, but Sai Weng didn't care about the horse, because he thought it wasn't a bad thing to lose a horse. After a while the horse returned with another beautiful horse, and the neighbor congratulated him on his good luck. But Sai Weng thought that maybe it wasn't a good thing to have this new horse. His son liked the new horse a lot and often took it riding. One day his son fell off the horse and broke his leg. Because of his broken leg, he couldn't go off to the war, as was expected of all the young men in the area. Most of them died.

This proverb is said when bad luck turns to good, or when good luck turns to bad.





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