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This year, China is promoting the development and prosperity of its culture in a variety of creative ways.

Hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and have selected  nearly 80 major cultural events in China and have invited Chinese and foreign friends to choose what they feel were the 15 most creative events of 2013.

The activity aims to showcase innovation and recognize outstanding organizations and people in terms of cultural exchange, and share with readers and cultural workers at home and abroad the successful experience of extending the outward flow of Chinese culture.

The cultural events are listed below, so please choose according to your tastes and preferences. A maximum of 15 events overall will be selected, but you can select less if you prefer. In one hour or less a single IP address is only able to access the online test once.

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Comment:: CommentsBy making an analysis of the information of a certain period of time from various media, this paper discusses both the opportunities and crises confronted in Sino foreign cultural exchange activities under the circumstances of globalization, and also the criteria to follow. more

Comment:: Thanks a whole lot for discussing this matter. I concur with your conclusions.The point that the information stated are all initial hand on actual experiences even aid a lot more. Sophia

Advice:: Chinese culture activities need more promotion abroad and let more foreigners know, learn and experience. First we should know what they are interested and most want to see.

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