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Dazzling City Lights up the Night

On Sunday night and next Monday, Jiangcun Community will stage a Yueju Opera performance at the Beimen Square.

Cuiyuan Community is preparing lantern shows, folk performances, a fireworks party, karaoke contest and many other events.

In Shangcheng District, many night shows will be moved indoors because the Wushan Square is under renovation.

The lantern exhibition of Hubing Community will be held in the Hangzhou Workers' Culture Center, which will have five theme areas, including riddle guessing, folk performance and lantern appreciation.

The Jinjiang Culture Center will showcase lanterns shaped like dragons and tigers. Hundreds of trees will be spangled with flashing lights that look like baby's breath flowers.

The Royal Street of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) will be decorated with more than 1,000 court lanterns and flower lanterns in many shapes, sizes and patterns.

Lantern fairs will be held in Xiacheng District's 71 communities, Wulin Nuren Jie (Women's Street), Chinese Silk Street and other tourism spots.

The highlight is the West Lake Culture Square, decorated with a huge mural and illuminated with energy-saving lights.

In Jianggan District, the flea market held every Saturday in Qingchun Square will extend its hours to 8pm.

Bingjiang District will stage a water lantern show in Bingjiang Park, a riddle-guessing contest, snack market and outdoor film screening.

The public can also enjoy lantern fairs in Puyan road, Shixin Park, Huarun Square, Gutang Road, Changjiang Road M. and manyother places.

Editor: Li Cheng

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