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2014 ASEN-China Cultural Exchange Year

2014-05-12 17:35:47



Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), established by the Bangkok Declaration (1967), which first linked the nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Subsequently, Brunei (1984), Vietnam (1995), Laos (1997), Myanmar (1999), and Cambodia (1999) were admitted. “The mountains, rivers and blood linked the countries with China and ASEAN nations, and geographical conditions have endowed us with the similar life habits, which creates among us a common appreciation of the culture.” Chinese minister of culture Cai Wu said. 

China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year 2014 kicks off in Beijing

Dialogue at China-ASEAN Costume Exhibition
China-ASEAN Costume Exhibition Kicks Off in Beijing
6th Meeting of ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Culture and the Arts opens Creations shown at ASEAN and Chinese Costume Culture Exhibition
Asian nations flaunt best dresses

Myanmar Vice President to attend China-ASEAN cultural exchanges 

Chinese, Myanmar VPs meet on ties
Ministerial Representatives of Culture of ASEAN Gathered at ACC Chinese, ASEAN cultural ministers meet in Vietnam

Produced by Shi Liwei



Top 10 wetlands in China


Nanyin: Ancient Chinese folk music originated from Fujian


Antique exhibition held in Nanjing


6th Asia Art Expo kicks off in Beijing


Exhibition of Chinese contemporary arts and crafts held in Beijing


Life's a whirl for top-flight acrobats


Kunqu opera Peony Pavilion performed in Beijing


Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting, Sculpture Exhibition held in Beijing


Art teacher creates unique paintings on silkworm cocoons


Divine music of the Temple of Heaven goes to France


Air China chorus sing in Vienna


Cultural, natural beauty abounds in Nalati grasslands


Meet in Beijing Arts Festival a highlight in May


International fair featured at music event


Murió nuestro amor - Tamela Hedström (video)


Locals perform traditional sacrificing ceremony in E China


Beijing in the 1980s


Old time resounds: Chen Shudong's oil painting exhibited in Chinese Art Museum