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Winners of 8th Award of Art China announced

2014-05-27 09:40:24



The awards ceremony for the eighth Award of Art China (AAC) was held in the Palace Museum on May 23 with winners in 13 categories announced.

Established by the art portal, the annual awards are committed to providing a fair and credible intellectual platform to promote outstanding artists and their work, and to examining art exhibitions, publications and events.

Starting with the preliminary selection in Beijing on Jan 6, it takes five months for the selection committee to finish the preliminary selection and make the final selection.

The 13 winners are as follows:

The award for artistic publication of the year: Chinese Paintings in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)

The award for artist (sculpture) of the year: Shi Hui

The award for artist (oil painting) of the year: Su Xinping

The award for young artist of the year: Sun Xun

The award for artist (calligraphy) of the year: Bao Xianlun

The award for artist (ink painting) of the year: Liu Qinghe

The award for art exhibition of the year: Contemporary art exhibition of "autonomous region"

The award for artist (multimedia installation) of the year: Xie Deqing

The award for artist (photography) of the year: Wang Guofeng

The award for curator of the year: Li Xu

The prize for special contribution: Xin Dongwang

Lifetime achievement award: Jin Shangyi

Art Plus Award: BMW (The 2013 BMW Chinese Culture Journey)

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