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Spectacular Chinese lanterns show to stage in Britain

2014-04-16 10:02:44



A team of 77 artisans from Zigong, southwest China's Sichuan province have created the world's largest indoor attraction, due to open this week in the British seaside resort of Blackpool.

The 5-million-pound (836-million U.S. dollar) spectacle "Illuminasia" features 35,000 high-technology lights blended with traditional Chinese lantern crafts, covering over 4,100 square meters.

It has all been created within a huge 135-year-old indoor complex in Blackpool, the Winter Gardens.

Blackpool, for many years known as the playground of Britain, is famous for its annual lighting extravaganza along its seafront, Blackpool Illuminations, as well as Blackpool Tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Among the 77 artisans, 55 traveled to build the attraction in Blackpool, who have spent months creating six magical worlds, aimed at wowing visitors from across the world to the Winter Gardens.

Produced by Shanghai Yi Sai Culture Communication Co., International Special Attractions Ltd and Global Entertainment Productions, the event opens to the public on Friday and will run for three years in a large exhibition hall within the Winter Gardens, known as Olympia.

"Illuminasia will serve as a shining example of the art and style of China and encourage others to look at bringing similar cultural attractions to other parts of Europe," said Ge Haiping, president and CEO of International Special Attractions.

"I founded our company over 20 years ago with the aim of sharing Chinese culture with the rest of the world. Having this showpiece event in Blackpool will serve as an example to the world of how beautiful this type of Chinese art can be. This entire show will assault your senses," he added.

In Illuminasia the team has used over 50 tons of steel framework and thousands of metres of cables, and the size and scale of the event will be jaw dropping for visitors.

Designer Max Painter said: "The Winter Gardens Olympia arena is a stunning venue for Illuminasia. It's very hard to imagine a better venue for showcasing the stunning artistry of Zigong than the town of Blackpool. The skill and artistry is breathtaking."

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