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Traditional performing arts take center stage in Beijing

2013-08-27 14:03:33




A festival for theatre companies from around China is currently taking place in the capital. Top troupes, including the National Theater of China and the National Peking Opera Company, are taking part. During the month-long event, they will showcase classic and modern productions at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

This year’s performing festival for national art troupes opens with "The Grand Mansion Gate", a highly acclaimed drama by The National Theater of China. The three-act play reveals the legendary story of the Bai Family over 80 years, from the late Qing Dynasty to the founding of New China in 1949.

The show brings together some of the most outstanding drama artists in China, such as Siqin Gaowa, Liu Peiqi, Zhu Yuanyuan and Liu Wei.

The China Opera and Dance Drama Theater's classic musicals "Suwu" and "Red River Valley", as well as the dance drama "Confucious", will also hit the stage.

"We will present three productions at the festival. All of them feature Chinese culture and traditions," said Li Xiaoxiang, Art Director of China Opera and Dance Drama Theater.

In addition, artists from the National Peking Opera Company will perform their latest repertoire "Cuckoo Mountain". Fans of traditional arts will also get a chance to enjoy ballet dance and folk music.

The festival for national performing arts troupes runs until late September.

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