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Metro to Stage Live Concert Series

2013-01-04 14:56:41


Shanghai's subway operator will stage the first in a series of free concerts this weekend at People's Square and Dashijie stations on Line 8, including live performances by members of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the Oriental Morning News reported.

The hour-long concert series will take place at 9:30 am every Saturday and Sunday as part of a three-year program that Shanghai Shentong Metro Group launched this year to bring more culture to local subway riders, according to a company press release.

"The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has agreed to participate in this non-profit program. We have also invited students from a music instruction company. We look forward to bringing in more music groups," said Feng Hao, a media officer with Shanghai Shentong Metro Group.

The company will announce each week's performers on its microblog three days in advance of the concerts, Feng said.

Members of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra will play Sunday at both the People's Square and Dashijie stations. Students from the Best Friend Music Company will perform Saturday.

Shanghai Shentong scheduled the concerts to take place during off-peak hours to prevent overcrowding.

Besides the concerts, the company has also installed a player piano at People's Square Station that will play during rush hours to soothe local metro riders, Feng told the Global Times.

The music will not be broadcast through the station's public address system. The company also plans to display 40 sculptures at 18 selected stations along the metro system's three new lines - 11, 12, and 13. The placement of the sculptures will highlight the cultural aspects of each station's location.

For example, the sculpture placed inside Line 11's Longhua Station will be related to Buddhism because the station is close to the Longhua Temple.

The company has already put 60 sculptures on display at 52 subway stations across the city.

By Chen Xiaoru