Chinese stage new year show in Houston


Updated: 2013-02-06

Overseas Chinese staged a show in Houston on February 2 night to celebrate the upcoming Chinese lunar new year.

The show, entitled Embracing Spring, featured songs, dances, Chinese musical instrument performance, Chinese martial arts and other programs presented by about 180 performers from more than 50 local Chinese organizations, schools and performing groups.

The lunar new year is an important traditional festival to Chinese people at home and abroad, while the show, organized by the Chinese Civic Center in Houston, aims to demonstrate China's rich cultural heritage as well as the cultural diversity of Houston, said Sherry Zheng, chairwoman of the organizing committee of the show.

"The Chinese population in Houston is large, and we want to share the joy of the traditional Chinese new year and express our good wishes for the new year through our songs and dances," Zheng said.

Xu Erwen, Chinese Consul General in Houston, expressed his hope in a congratulatory letter that the show, which combined both ancient and modern Chinese arts, will help promote Chinese culture and enhance China-U.S. friendship.