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Stage play 'Adventure of Marco Polo' debuts in US

2013-08-14 15:28:49



Chinese stage play "Adventure of Marco Polo" made its debut at the White House Theater in Branson, Missouri, on August 9.

The five-scene stage play, which customized for U.S. market, has depicted the famed Italian explorer Marco Polo's expedition to China in the late 13th century through Chinese dances, acrobatics and magics.

Zhao Weiping, Chinese Consul General to Chicago, said the stage play will surely help American people to better understand Chinese arts and culture.

Most of the audience coming to the premiere are local residents. Cox and his seven-year-old son are among them. "It's amazing," Cox said. "The costume is outstanding, I have a great time, (and it's) a great show."

"With the beauty and depth portrayed here, I think it really speaks to your heart, and helps you understand the culture and history of China that we love so well," mayor of Branson Raeanne Presley said.

"Adventure of Marco Polo" is the second original stage play that the China Heaven Creation Theater Company has brought to the White House Theater.

Heaven Creation purchased the White House Theater and its supporting facilities in 2009, enabling China's theatrical pieces could be performed directly in the United States, without help of foreign agents.

From 2010 to 2012, the Chinese company put on the first original stage play "The Legend of Kungfu" in the theater.

Founded in 1999, Heaven Creation is the sole Chinese company to follow the Broadway mode in its operation.

Cai Xiaoning, CEO of Heaven Creation, said the Chinese company plans to build the White House Theater into a platform for Chinese theatrical pieces and culture, and to spread Chinese culture worldwide in a commercialized way.

Branson is the third largest U.S. performance center after the Broadway in New York and Las Vegas in Nevada. More than 50 theaters stage over 100 theatrical pieces a year.

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