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Paragons of pleasure

2013-10-09 11:03:04

(China Daily) By Zhang Zixuan


Sitting on a boat meandering through the reeds, with the sonorous voice of a boatman ringing the air, is the stuff of dreams. Geese and ducks swimming serenely nearby and fish jumping out of and into the water now and then add to the enigma of such a dream.

Seeing fishermen deftly work with their nets, some tourists cannot help trying their hand at fishing the traditional way.

But perhaps the greatest offering of Baiyangdian is the magnificent sunset that one can see from a boat. It's an experience that can be preserved for a lifetime in one's memory. The sun, as it dips below the horizon, seems to cleanse the soul and revive the spirit.

The area around the lake boasts of quite a number of old buildings, which have played host to some emperors who loved to spend their summer months by the Baiyangdian lake.

And as one would expect, the local cuisine, especially the delicacies, revolves around the offerings of the lake - fish, crabs, shrimps, ducks, salted duck eggs, lotus roots and lotus porridge.

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