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Paragons of pleasure

2013-10-09 11:03:04

(China Daily) By Zhang Zixuan


There are several versions of what the monster looks like. Some say it is the last of the dinosaurs, while a few claim its head resembles that of a giant dog. Others ascribe the water monster myth to huge red fish called hucho taimen, which have big sharp teeth.

Many tourists have captured the water monster, albeit just part of it, on their still and video cameras. But none of the images is clear and convincing enough to prove the existence of the monster.

Myth or reality, the creature does not deter tourists from enjoying the heavenly beauty of the lake. In fact, the opposite is true. Tourists in droves visit the lake, with more brave hearts seeking to unravel the truth.

The Wolong Bay (or Crouching Dragon Bay) is another big attraction in the Kanas Lake area. The bay, on the Kanas River with its serpentine shoreline, resembles a Chinese dragon, hence the name.

Just one kilometer north of the Wolong Bay along the Kanas River is Moon Bay, which gets its name from its moon-like shape. It is like a pearl enhancing the mysterious beauty of the Kanas River. The Moon Bay's umbilical tie with the river prompts it to change its color along with that of the river.

There are two small shoals on the right bank of the Moon Bay, which look like a pair of footprints. Since the bay is named after the moon, local people believe the two footprints belong to the fairy maiden Chang'e, who is said to live on the moon.

While in Kanas do not forget to visit the neighboring Hemu, Baihaba and Kanas villages, where the Tuva people have preserved their lifestyle and traditions, including their houses which are built of wood, adding the Swiss ambiance to the place.

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