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Two recipes for autumn regimen

2013-08-13 14:56:40

(People's Daily Online)


Two recipes for autumn regimen

Materials, gingko seeds100g, chicken fillets 250g, egg white, soup stock, sugar, Shaoxing rice wine, starch glutamate, sesame oil, salt, oil, onions.

Steps, firstly, gingko seeds are stir-fried in oil till half done then peeled. Secondly, cut the chicken fillets into one-bite size then covered with the seasoned paste. The paste is made of starch powder, egg white and salt. Thirdly, fry the prepared diced chicken and gingko seeds in hot oil. Fourthly, fry the onion in shallow oil then add Shaoxing rice wine, salt and soup stock into the oil to make the sauce. Finally, seasoned the dish with sesame oil for its aroma then severed the chicken and gingko seeds covered with sauce. Starch is commonly used to thicken the sauce.

It has the function of nourishing Qi and blood, reliving asthma. The dish also belongs to dietetic therapy to chronic tracheitis, pulmonary heart disease and emphysema. Women suffer from leukorrheal diseases are recommended to add this dish in daily meals.

Savory and crisp yam

Materials, Chinese yam 500g, sugar 125g, soybean flour 100g, oil 50g (actual usage of 150g), vinegar, glutamate, starch, sesame oil.

Steps, firstly, cut the skinned Chinese yam into an inch long and then sliced in two. Secondly, fry the steamed yam slices till slightly brown then drain the oil. Thirdly, the sauce is made of sugar and 2 spoons of water, 1/4spoons of vinegar and 1/8 spoons of glutamate over mild heat for 5-6 minutes then place the pot over high heat. Starch is used to the thickness of the sauce. Finally, severed the crisp yam with sweet and sour sauce and sesame oil is added for its aroma.

This savory and crisp yam dish though relatively high in calories, is of nourishing spleen and lung.

It can increase appetite and relieve asthma and cough.

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