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Top 10 attractions in Liaoning, China

2013-07-09 14:39:56

( By Xu Lin


Benxi Water Cave (Xinhua)

Top 5: Benxi Water Cave(本溪水洞)

Located on the Taizi River bank, 26 kilometers from the eastern suburb of Benxi City, the Benxi Water Cave is a large-scale underground river karst cave that was formed millions of years ago. It has the longest underground river in the world running through it, measuring 5,800 meters in length, more than half of which are now open to the public.

The cave can be divided into two areas, a water one and a dry one; the water cave can be accessed by boat. The widest point of this water cave is 38 meters high and 50 meters wide. Enjoying these natural wonders from a boat gives visitors a one-off experience.

Admission:167 yuan (US$27.23) / person

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