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Top 10 attractions in Liaoning, China

2013-07-09 14:39:56

( By Xu Lin


Bijia Mountain (Xinhua)

Top 6: Bijia Mountain(笔架山)

The Bijia Mountain is a small land-tied island located in the Liaodong Bay, adjacent to the Jinzhou Port. Measuring 1.5 kilometer in length and 0.8 kilometer in width, the island covers an area of about one square kilometer, at an altitude of 78 meters. The mountain has three peaks, with one situated higher than the other two. It owes its name to its pen rack- shape (bijia in Chinese).

The most amazing feature of the scenic spot is the 1620-meter-long pebble road between the land and the island. Most of the day, the Bijia Mountain can only be accessed by boat, but when the tide falls, a natural zigzagging cobblestone road appears. The road dodges in and out of the water as the tide changes, thus known as the "sky bridge."

There are some temples featuring traditional Chinese architecture located on the mountain, which are also worth a visit.

Admission:50 yuan (US$8.15) / person

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