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Top 10 attractions in Liaoning, China

2013-07-09 14:39:56

( By Xu Lin


Bingyu Valley (file photo)

Top 9: Bingyu Valley(冰峪沟)

Covering an area of 110 square kilometers, the Bingyu Valley is located north of Zhuanghe City, 240 kilometers from Dalian City. This national forest park is labeled "Little Guilin" and the "Oriental Miniature Switzerland" thanks to its rugged cliffs, astonishing peaks, clear rivers and mysterious caves.

The valley shows a different beauty across different seasons. The gorgeous glacial landscape, splendid mountains and beautiful rivers have amazed many visitors. The unsoiled karst landform of the quartzite mountain is extremely rare to spot along the upper Yellow River. Geological investigation has revealed that this landscape was formed during the fourth glacial age, as many glacial relics have been discovered around the area.

Admission:100 yuan (US$16.3) / person

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