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Top 10 attractions in Liaoning, China

2013-07-09 14:39:56

( By Xu Lin


Wu'nyu Mountain City (

Top 4: Wu'nyu Mountain City(五女山山城)

Located on the mountain north of Huanren Town in Huanren Manchu Autonomous County, the Wu'nyu Mountain City is a well-preserved site of historical and cultural significance. Founded in 37 B.C., the city was the first capital of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom in northeast China, among the over 100 existing mountain city sites of the Kingdom along the Yalu River. Koguryo was an influential border ethnic group in northeast China during the Western Han Dynasty (202 B.C.-9 A.D.) and Tang Dynasty (618-907). Many historical remains and relics have been uncovered throughout the city. It has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List.

Admission:80 yuan (US$13.04) / person

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