Children compete in China-ASEAN Etiquette Contest

Xinhua 2017-04-25

Lin Meiyi and Wei Meiyi, representing Guangxi Democratic Construction Art Group, won first prize for their performance of Toasting Song of Zhuang People. [Photo by Wang Wenying/Guangxi News]

The 2017 China-ASEAN Junior Etiquette Contest closed at Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 15.

With nearly 60 contestants, the top three group performance prizes were awarded to Toasting Song of Zhuang People performed by Lin Meiyi and Wei Meiyi from Guangxi Democratic Construction Art Group, the "Civility and Etiquette Exercise" by Zheng Ruxi and Qin Zihan from Shenzhen Dalang Experimental School, and "Boys" by Xie Linxiao and Yang Jiazhi from Nanning Chuhe Academy.

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