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Other National Nature Reserves


 Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve of Qinghai Province      

Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve with an area of 495,200 hectares is located in the boundaries of Gangcha, Haiyan and Gonghe counties of Qinghai Province. Established in 1975 with the approval of the Qinghai Provincial Government, the Reserve was listed as a Wetland of International Importance in 1992. The main protection targets are rare birds and plateau wetland ecosystem.

The Reserve is located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Qinghai Lake as a main body is surrounded by lakeside plain, grassy swamp, alpine grassy marshland, semi-desert and dry grassy beach. It is dry and cold in the Reserve. The winter lasts longer and the summer shorter with big disparity of temperature. Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve has abundant wetland ecosystem and bio-resources. There are altogether 200 species of birds and beasts in Qinghai Lake and lakeside area. As a plateau lake, it is the kingdom of birds. In spring and summer, some 100,000 birds mainly including gulls, cormorants, swans and blank-necked cranes fly to the Reserve to go through the summer. Qinghai Lake also boasts abundant fish resources, some of which serve as good food for birds there.

 Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve of Hainan Province      

Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve is located in the northeast of Qiongshan City, Hainan Province. Established in 1980 with the approval of the Hainan Provincial Government, the Reserve was listed as a Wetland of International Importance in 1992. The main protection target is mangrove forest ecosystem. Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve covers a total area of 3,337.6 hectares, among which mangrove forest accounts for 2,065 hectares.

The mangrove forest is special plant community distributed in tropic and sub-tropic coast area. In China, it is just distributed in specific area of southern coastal provinces. The Reserve boasts the largest the number of mangrove species in China. In the preservation zone, there are 16 families and 32 species such as Rhizophora stylosa, Kandelia candel, Aegiceras corniculatum and Avicennia marina. Dongzhaigang is therefore an important conservation spot for mangroves. According to statistics, there are 159 species of birds such as egrets and ducks in the Reserve. Dongzhaigang is also the good habitat of marine animals, mainly including fish, shrimps, and shellfish such as sipunculid worm, perch and oyster.

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