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The 2nd Visiting Program for Young Sinologists 2014 ends with success

2014-09-22 13:04:48



The commencement ceremony of the second session of Visiting Program for Young Sinologists 2014 was held on Sept 19. This program is committed to researching China in all walks of life and promoting cultural exchanges between Chinese and other countries.

“China is changing and has huge ambition to become powerful. From the view of foreign people, they don’t know what China will be in the future. So it is understandable they feel threatened. The purpose of the sinologists’ program is to erase our anxiety and suspicion and let ourselves have further knowledge of China”, Eric Morse, an American sinologist, told the reporter regarding his useful experience in the program.

“The challenge we meet today is no longer ideological or political issues but how to deal with the liberalization of literature. The best sellers of course will find their position in the market in the context of globalization. So it is our common duty to help literature of thought and depth open the market.” said Zuzana Li, a literature translator from the Czech Republic.

“I see the strict academic attitude of Chinese scholars and institutions whenever I listen to their lecture or visit museums”, said Pietro Laurentis, a scholar from Italy. “Any two countries to exchange culture need a bridge. Each of us is such a bridge for our own country and China. After the program, we have a more clear picture of China and the most important for me is that many Chinese experts and students are also enlightened during the process of communication.”

Giray Fidan, a Turkish sinologist, suggested that the Chinese professors offer database, electronic books and academic newspapers for their daily research. In addition, to facilitate academic activities, the establishment of an information database of overseas sinologists is necessary.

On the commencement ceremony, Zhang Xiping, a scholar from Beijing Foreign Studies University said: “It is beneficial for you to know the real China, see the development of China and communicate with Chinese scholars. China is a fast-changing country. It is a great challenge for us to know the whole country. So I wish you can come here as often as possible.”

“I am grateful to you for your hard work to promote Chinese culture.” Dong Wei, the host representative and deputy minister of culture said. “Sinologists and translators play a key role in spreading Chinese culture during exchanges. They have become an indispensable bridge for cultural exchanges.”

“The diversified world culture has encouraged increasing sinologists and countries to study sinology. I hope more and more sinologists and translators come to China to study and promote cultural exchange. In the meantime, I hope you can experience the life of the Chinese people and do more meaningful research to promote outside understanding about China.” Dong added.

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