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Design week spotlights Dashila'r revival effort

2014-09-02 14:48:28

(China Daily)


The project will choose a representative house in the community and show how renovations can be done in a small space. It will also choose a typical traditional courtyard to improve its heating system and lighting, as well as the kitchen and toilet facilities.

The project also aims to improve the garbage-disposal system and communal facilities. There will be a handcrafts store on Yanshou Jie. Designers and handicrafts artists will work together to promote the survival of traditional handcrafts in modern times.

The Dashila'r project made its overseas debut in June, as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014. The exhibition was initiated by the Beijing Design Week as a platform to show the urban planning and architecture in China.

"It shows not only the evolution of Chinese cities, but also how the city improves in order to accommodate its people. The Dashila'r community is an epitome of the Chinese cities," Zeng Hui, deputy director of Beijing Design Week's organizing committee, was quoted by theShenzhenEconomic Daily as saying.

More than 20 houses and sculptures have been built there by renowned architects and designers including Kenya Hara since 2009, Wang Zhizhong, deputy construction director of the Glass Street in Dashila'r, told the paper.

Sun Yuanqing contributed to this story.

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