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China International Youth Arts Festival underway

2014-08-08 16:43:12

( By Zhang Dongpu


Founded in 2008, China International Youth Arts Festival was the first youth event led by the government, approved by the Ministry of Culture, and sponsored by China Association of International Cultural Exchange. The Youth Arts Festival enjoys a high reputation for its large-scale impact. It will be held in three cities, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, and Nanjing.

Beijing Youth Arts Festival will be held at the Soka Gallery, 798 Art District from Aug 9 to Sept 27. The exhibition aims to promote cultural and emotional communication between the young people, and to further enhance folk cultural ties.

Held from Aug 10 to Sept 1, Shijiazhuang Youth Arts Festival is sponsored by the Shijiazhuang Arts Museum, which is one of the most active contemporary Chinese art and culture institutions in North China. The Youth Arts Festival in Shijiazhuang combines traditional ink painting with contemporary new painting form. With the theme of "new spirit", it will present the masterpieces of the most popular ink painting artists born in the 1970s.

Nanjing Youth Arts Festival will be held at Nanjing Jinling Gallery from Aug 26 to Sept 10. As Nanjing Jinling Art Gallery Museum, it is one of the most important cultural centers in Nanjing. As August marks the opening months of Nanjing’s hosting the International Youth Olympic Games, the Youth Arts Festival, will also be one of the activities. The exhibition will present the works of young artists from China, Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada and other countries to show the new style of young artists in the new century.

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