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China International Youth Arts Festival underway

2014-08-08 16:43:12

( By Zhang Dongpu


The poster of the China International Youth Arts Festival,2014.[Photo/ ]

The 7th “China International Youth Arts Festival” Summit Forum will be held in Aug 12-31 in Beijing. Organizers held a press conference at Peking University on July 29, which was co-sponsored by the China International Culture Association and the China Arts and Entertainment Group. The forum is themed “The Exploration and Practice of Youth Culture and Art Cultivation” to discuss the cultivation of young artistic talents.

Covering seven sections - the opening ceremony, performances, theme forums, college shows, exhibitions, parallel sessions and the closing ceremony, the festival will include performances, exhibitions and lectures (81 programs, 494 sections in total). Colleges and universities participating in this event include Peking University, Central University for Nationalities, China Opera Institute, Chinese Academy of Music and nine others.

According to the Chairman of the China Arts and Entertainment Group Zhang Yu, the key words of this event are “youth”, “art”, “internationality” and “innovation”. Important breakthroughs have been made on “internationality” and “innovation” in the current campaign: more than 2,500 artists from 23 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, will be involved in special performances. Moreover, the combinations of culture and technology, and the integration with the surrounding industry, have generated various kinds of new cultural art forms, which are the focus of this Youth Arts Week.

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