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Foreign diplomats begin China trip in Jingdezhen

2014-06-11 13:30:36



Foreign diplomats in China from 19 countries including Luxemburg, Russia and Hungary began their China culture trip in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, on May 29.

The tour is sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and is meant to increase Sino-foreign cultural exchange cooperation. The diplomats visited ceramic cultural attractions in Jingdezhen, and experienced porcelain making.

Vice Director of External Cultural Relations Bureau from the Ministry of Culture Xie Jinying felt it was meaningful for the culture trip to start in Jingdezhen. The country China and Chinese porcelain share one word "China". The world has learned about China through its porcelain.

Luxemburg ambassador Paul Steinmetz said he has always been very interested in Chinese ceramic art and he will learn more about its creation and production, and especially learn more about the younger generation’s creativity.

Overall, the culture trip will aim to help foreign diplomats closely experience Chinese culture while help establish links for trade and cultural cooperation between China and foreign countries.

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