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EU-China Research Center opens in Belgium

2014-04-02 10:05:22



The College of Europe on Tuesday opened an EU-China Research Center in the historic city of Bruges in northwest Belgium, a new move promoting collaboration among scholars specialized in EU-China relations.

"Funded by InBev-Bailler Latour Fund, the EU-China Research Center aims to study the rapidly developing relations between the European Union and China by critical analysis and academic research,"said Jing Men, the director of the EU-China Research Center.

"In particular, the center seeks to undertake high-quality research from an interdisciplinary perspective on topics of major importance in the field of EU-China relations, produce publications, organize conference and promote cooperation between scholars specialized in EU-China studies," she added.

Following the inauguration ceremony, the EU-China Research Center, together with other institutions of the College of Europe, organized a seminar on "China's Reform and Its Impact on the EU and the World" which will last two days.

Founded in 1949, the College of Europe is the first and one of the most reputed institutes of European studies with about 400 postgraduates from over 55 countries.

The college also has its "China Library" inaugurated last Friday, providing around 10,000 books and audio-visual publications in six languages which were donated by China's State Council Information Office.

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