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Fewer films in year-end battle in China

2013-12-25 10:54:20




The end of the year often brings with it an abundance of new films to grab the last box office luck of the year. And this year is no exception. However, compared with last year’s 40 film releases, this New Year film season seems not as competitive, as only 18 films are hitting the big screen.

Renowned film director Feng Xiaogang premiered the highly-anticipated comedy Personal Tailor on December 19. On opening day alone the movie made a monstrous 84 million yuan at the box office and attracted three hundred thousand viewers. And the movie has already broken the 300 million yuan mark at the box office.

Another big hit is director Ning Hao’s Chinese-Western crime movie No Man’s Land. The story traces a lawyer’s journey to a remote corner of Xinjiang to fight a case involving rare birds. He then finds himself amidst an assortment of strange characters on his arduous way back through the Gobi desert. This movie has grossed more than 220 million yuan at the box office and has become Ning’s highest grossing film to date.

Renowned film director Feng Xiaogang premiered the highly-anticipated comedy "Personal Tailor" on December 19.

Meanwhile Hong Kong action film Firestorm, directed by Alen Yue, and Benny Chan’s crime thriller The White Storm, have also had their share of the year-end market, both raking in more than 200 million yuan.

Yet despite these figures, this can still not compare with last year. So far, the total box office takings in December total 900 million yuan; last year December saw 1.1 billion yuan of takings.

And the quantity of films has also dropped. In 2012, as many as 40 movies were in the year-end battle, but this year there are only 18 movies battling it out.

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