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Biggest Chinese film festival in Europe concludes

2013-11-22 10:28:57



The fifth China Image Film Festival has just closed at the Haymarket Cineworld in London’s West End. The week-long festival saw a total of 23 features and 18 short Chinese films screened. 19 awards have been bestowed upon winners in various categories.

And now for more on Chinese film in the UK, we're joined live from the London studio by Mr. Jia Zhendan, Chairman of the China Image Film Festival.

Q1: Mr. Jia, you founded the China Image Film Festival five years ago. Back then, why did you feel there was a need to promote Chinese films in the UK, not only among the Chinese community, but also among the UK and European audiences?

Q2: This year, you organized the China-UK Co-production and Cooperation Summit, which brought many practical aspects of co-production between China and the UK to the table. Do you think such co-production looks promising? And can you talk about some of the challenges?

Q3: China's film industry and market are expanding so rapidly right now, at what point do you think China will reach a level worthy of challenge to Hollywood in the U.S., which is the most dominant film market in the world? And do you think cooperating with countries besides the UK will help this?

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