Flourishing Cultural Undertaking of Inner Mongolia

The past 50 years also witnessed the region's successful cultural exchanges with other countries and areas. From 1979 to 1995, more than 140 Inner Mongolian art ensembles featuring more than 400 artists toured overseas in 38 countries and regions of Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia, with audiences totaling 12 million people.

Winning the Gold Prize at the 13th International Acrobatic Festival held in Paris in 1990, the four performers of the "Kicking Bowls," who were from the Inner Mongolia Acrobatic Troupe, were the first world-champion minority acrobats in China.

One of the region's well-known art groups is the Ulan Muqir Troupe, known for being small but well-rounded.

The area's first museum, the Inner Mongolia Museum, was founded in 1957, and contains some of the 15,000 cultural and historic relics and 500,000 antiques found by archaeologists during a general search of the region from 1981-89. Archaeological reports and scholarly books like "Ortoz Bronze Wears" and "The Yinshan Mountain Pictographs" have been published about the region.

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