A stitch in time

Authorities in Guizhou are making a concerted effort to save the delicate art of handcrafted Miao embroidery from losing out to its more-affordable machine-made counterpart.


Shannan's must-sees

Situated in the center of the Shannan prefecture and at an average altitude of 4,600 meters, the roughly 2,150-square-kilometer grassland encircled by mighty mountains is truly a beauty to behold.


Tibet's best-kept secret

August is the harvest season in Tibet, and the weather is most pleasant. The cool climes offer a perfect escape from the wilting heat of other parts of the country. Mysterious Tibet becomes even more attractive to travelers.


Aoluguya: A Primitive Song and Dance Drama

Aoluguya, a large song and dance drama which makes deer-keeping Tribe’s romantic love stories as its main line and aims at passing down the precious ethnic culture of the Ewenki ethnic group, was put on the stage in Beijing Poly Theater from August 26th to 29th.


The Pristine Art Performance of Ewenkis

The musical “Aoluguya,” which is going to be staged on 26th and 29th of August in Poly Theatre, Beijing, is based on the real story of Maria Suo, representing the dying culture of the deer-keeping Ewenki people.


Custom-made culture

Tourism has helped the Miao ethnic group preserve their culture and traditions and brought a new awareness of their cultural identity.

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