Flourishing Cultural Undertaking of Inner Mongolia

The vast grassland of Inner Mongolia not only overflows with natural resources, but cultural ones as well. The region is home to minority cultures including those of the Mongolians, the Ewenki, Oroqen, and Daur.

Ethnic group cultures have gained prominence in the region over the past half century, with emphasis placed on art forms including music, dancing, theater, folk performances, and acrobatics. The region is known as the "sea of songs," and the "cradle of dancing." Since the autonomous region's establishment, a number of art ensembles and art schools have been founded in the area. By the end of 1996, 5,000 artists had been trained in local art colleges and schools.

Some artistic forms from the region have garnered attention, such as the national award-winning "Saber Dance" and "Chopsticks Dance." At the fifth, sixth and eighth International Youth Festivals, the "Ortos Dance," "Zhongwan (Bowl) Dance," and the "Milker Dance," created in the mid-20th century, won the Gold Prize.

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