Grape Valley

The Grape Valley is situated in a canyon, on the west side of theFlaming Mountains and 15 kilometers northeast of the seat ofTurpanCounty in Northwest China'sXinjiangUygur Autonomous Region. It is 8 kilometers long and 500 meters wide. On both sides of the valley are thick with trees like mulberry trees, apricot trees, peach trees, pear trees, poplar trees, willow trees, elm trees, and locust trees, all of which are arranged in order. Waters fromspringsflow into channels irrigating the 210-odd-hectare grape garden.

The Grape Valley is abundant in white seedless grape, "Mare's teat" grapes, rose red grapes, and preserved grapes as well as grape wines… Almost all kinds of grapes can be seen here; thus it is acclaimed as "the sweetest place".

The seedless and thin-skinned white grapes produced here, in the elliptic shape, are crystal-clear, crisp, and juicy, which gains it the reputation of the "green pearl of China." A modern grape wine plant has been established here, producing various kinds of grape wine and grape drinks. The white grape wine produced here boasts a nice taste and is popular with both Chinese and foreign guests.

Deep inside the valley a grape park has been built, where there are waterside villas. After experiencing the fierce heat of Flaming Mountains, visitors can take a rest here and taste some grapes for relaxation and happiness.