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Hui Mountain Ice and Snow World

Hui Mountain Ice and Snow World situated at south eastern bank of Xiu Lake which is in the Huiyang Mountain scenic spot in Northeast China's Liaoning Province. It is 17 kilometers away from Shenyang city and covers an area of 116 square meters. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and an expanse of water on the left one. They are Hui Mountain, Chessboard Mountain, Dayang Mountain and Xiu Lake. The main peak stands at the southern bank of Xiu Lake. It stretches for more than 20 kilometers.


Hui Mountain Ice and Snow World have world-class cable, snow making machine, and skiing equipment. The trails have low slope which are suitable for under-experienced skiers. It is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts for its snow sled, snow sculpture and fantastic trails as follows.

Exercising run: 500 meters long, 30 meters wide, 15000 square meters, highest slope 5 degrees, accommodate up to 500 persons.

Children run: 150 meters long, 20 meters wide, 3000 square meters, highest slope 3 degrees, accommodate up to 200 persons.

Ski run: 1000 meters long, the upper part 30 meters wide. The lower part 60 meters wide, 3900 square meters, highest slope 15 degrees, accommodate up to 800 persons.

Coach guidance is free.


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